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Step 2 – Making Money Online

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The stage is set to take some action.

Pick the top priority area you drafted in Step 1. Don’t think too much or procrastinate at this step or you will never do anything. ;

Quickly make an outline of your idea. The essential ingredients are as follows:

Title – Very important to give a unique and catchy title. It will ultimately become your website name. Dont worry about whether it ranks highly on keyword search although it is very important to be successful in terms of traffic.  At this stage it should focus on being catchy, linkable to the product and service and unique. It can be changed later and therefore don’t take more then 30 minutes.

Introduction – Leave this empty – you will be able to fill this up when you complete the conclusion

Body – List at least 5 enabling aspects of your product or service that will make it complete. If it is an Ebook or training program, then this should be the Chapters and topics. If it is a product then this list should be the main features to be included in the sales page that explains this product is so special or niche.  If it an overall theme then you list the different brands/products that constitute the niche. For example, web traffic includes SEO, social media, marketing, backlinks, PPC, PPV, youtube, etc.

Marketing plan – Once you have a fairly clear idea about the product or service, you can now determine the pricing and how you will market the product. You have to narrow down to the specific market, join relevant newsgroups and subscribe to newsletters to let the data on the product flow to you.

You need to research on keyword and adwords to determine how much people are willing to pay. You will need to further refine the product and identify a unique selling point to make the money in the short run.

If you have more time to build the product then your focus should be its uniqueness and creation of your own brand. You have to clearly identify how you are going to monetize you website. Is it adsense, affiliate payouts, direct sale, amazon, ebay auction or a shopping cart

Conclusion – Should summarize your product or service, highlight its unique selling proposition and how it matters to the buyer. What benefits are they going to specifically get.

Don’t worry if the idea is not complete. Take it from me that it will never be.

Finally take the most important step. If you have already subscribe to a  hosting service,  then spend your first additional $10 to get the right domain name base on a good keyword/adword analysis. If not, then go to blogger or and create you own free blog. Quickly create your categories and/or posts/pages according to your intro, lists and conclusion. It is alright to leave the page empty at this stage. You are going to fill this up and change it overtime.

Most importantly you have an outline and the pages in place. This step alone will guarantee that you will complete this project. Your website or blog will evolve and improve from here on.

In the next step, I will lead you to set up your website of blog step by step.  Many are afraid or confused about this most important step.


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