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Autoblogging Advantages – Why You Should Autoblog

Posted on | November 3, 2010 | No Comments

The subject of autoblogging can create a ton of debate with some for it and some against it but the harsh reality is, when done right, it can provide you with a lifetime of passive income with the only real work required being the setting up process.

This is where many go wrong and why their blogs bomb badly. The internet is littered with abandoned blogs which in reality, could be earning their owners even a small amount of money if only they were freshened up with regular content.

In this article, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of autoblogging and why you need to be considering it as a money making arm of your internet marketing business.

Advantages Of Autoblogs

1. The first advantage is it’s hands-free nature. In other words, once you set it up there’s rarely any need to perform regular maintenance on it. This is one of the main killers for budding internet marketers who will suddenly set up a rash of sites and then discover that they need to perform maintenance on them regularly. Suddenly, it all seems like hard work and most will abandon them and go off looking for easier ways to make money online.

2. You don’t need to physically add content to your site. What we mean by this is that instead of slaving away at the computer and trying to come up with articles and posts on a consistent basis, with autoblogging, you simply set it up to pull content from a variety of sources at various intervals without the need of going into your back office and manually adding the content.

3. Another major advantage of autoblogging is the number of sources available to you to pull content from. The article directories are major source but today, with advancements in content sourcing features, you can now pull content from You Tube, Yahoo News and even Amazon.

4. Breathing life into stale blogs is seen as a major benefit of autoblogging. We mentioned above that many blogs are simply left to die when their owners realize that it takes work to keep them flowing with content. Well, autoblogging is a great answer to getting these older blogs back into the search engines and attracting traffic. If you have a number of blogs you’ve left to stagnate then consider this as one of the major advantages of autoblogging and why you need to be implementing it.

If you want to know more about how to make money with autoblogs check out this Free Autoblogging Guide which shows you exactly how to set it up the correct way and did I mention its free?

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