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Autoblogging – Should You?

Posted on | November 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

A common question that I often get are questions about autoblogging. People just don’t seem sure what it is, why they should use it and certainly no idea about how they should use it. Here I’ll explain why you should and shouldn’t (at the same time) be using autoblogging.

What is Autoblogging?

Autoblogging is the process of content being posted onto your blog automatically using special software. This solves the problem of having to find content for your blog, but please beware!

Why Autoblogging?

Autoblogging can be used on blogs that are ** NOT ** your main branded blog. This enables you to post content automatically on other blogs you own and link back to your main blog, although it isn’t as simple as linking all the other auto-blog blogs back to your main content and branded blog. Google is smarter than this and will recognise the pattern and hold that against your main site. Google doesn’t usually hold inbound links against you since you don’t have any control over the links other people choose to use on their sites. However, if Google sees that you have a bunch of sites that you do control and you are using to increase the backlinks to your main site, then Google will penalise you within its algorithm.

The good news is that there is a way around this. The method used is known as a link wheel which is a pretty complex arrangement of blogs which all point back to your main blog to increase the number of backlinks that your blog has. This means that you can set the blogs up with this specific arrangement, set up autoblogging on the other blogs so they have a lot of content continuously streaming into them. The backlinks from these sites then count as backlinks from blogs that are active which are higher quality backlinks than dormant blogs.

Why Can’t I Use Autoblogging on My Main Blog?

If you try using autoblogging on your main blog, you won’t be able to control the content that is posted and your customers will soon be alienated as they’ll know that it is not content that is written by you. You need total control over the content that is written in your main blog as this a customer touch point where you are interacting with your customer and where your customer gets an impression of you and what your business stands for.

Autoblogging Can Be Risky

You must understand that there is a degree of risk with autoblogging. Allow me to explain…

If you fly an airplane today, is there a risk that you might crash that plane? If you answered “yes”, then I’d say the reason you said “yes” is because you don’t know how to fly the plane. It’s the same with autoblogging, you need to set up a link wheel that looks very complicated in its nature. This is massively time consuming for any one person to do, let alone to give all of them some sort of visual appeal and useful content being streamed into them. On top of that, you must arrange the backlinks in such a way as to be inconspicuous to Google who will penalise you if they can see a predictable pattern in your backlinking which will of course result in less Google traffic.

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