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Genius of Human Mind and Murmurs of the Human Heart

Humans and the Internet – Art of Making Money

Posted on | July 28, 2010 | 131 Comments

Humans and the Internet

Humans and the Internet are powerful forces that will continue to change the dynamics of this world. They have over a short period of time help normalize the extreme disparities between developed and developing countries, rich and poor, high class and low class and the list can go on.

The human mind is a complex organ that has an innate ability of connecting, integrating, combining, manipulating, distorting, defying concepts and throwing up completely awesome, novel and refreshing ideas or thoughts. It has a highly wired and interconnected structure that facilitates simultaneous deep analysis and strategic overview.

The human heart (not the physical heart but the soul of innate entity that make up a particular human being what she or he is) is a much more powerful but complex concept to grasp. It is a continuous amalgamation and distillation of information, knowledge, interactions, stimulus, beliefs, emotions, genetic expressions and innate spirit of the human species. What makes a mother sacrifice her life for her children, people to die for their country at Gettysburg or Warren Buffet to donate 32 Billion to charity? To better understand this complex subject of human nature one has to take a course in philosophy and delve especially in the works of Immanuel Kant.

That is not my intention.  What is needed to succeed in life is to focus the human mind and open up the human heart to the maximum.  What do I mean by this?

The human mind as powerful as it may be can get easily distracted or get into analysis paralysis. It also can be easily influenced by vices that provide short term gains or feel good self-centered benefits that often have limited long term positive effects. It inquisitiveness allows it to be easily distracted. Nothing significant gets achieved if any activity is not initially planned out or followed through with determination. The heart must feel and focus the mind. There are many techniques like yoga to focus the mind but that will be covered some other time.

Human nature on the other hand has certain unique characteristics which are important to note. Here I will simple share those characteristics relevant to making money online and without reference to any primary research as the latter is not the purpose of this book.

Human by nature are hardwired to be survivors. They are generally insecure and fear being left behind. Their inquisitive mind seeks newer and better techniques and skills to keep ahead. They generally like to provide the best for their children. They always seek love and recognition. They will always be tempted to seek shortcuts to riches. They enjoy adventure, mystery, make belief, gossip or anything extraordinary. They cannot keep secrets and simply love getting gifts or free stuff. They like to simplify their lives. They are impulsive buyers and find it difficult to walk away from perceived good deals.

They simple hate losing out, being cheated or lied to, treated unfairly, ignored, insulted in front of others, told what to do and what not to do.

The internet has certain unique characteristics which makes it an ideal companion of humans. It is open as well as very private. It is easily accessible and knowledge is in abundance. There is something for everyone. It allows open forums where people simply love to share their experiences or ideas and it is also private where you get to choose who you want to interact with.  By far the biggest advantages of the internet are its reach and scalability. With a single website you can instantaneous be visible to more than one billion people.  With a single email you can reach the furthest reaches of this earth.  The next biggest advantage is you do not need huge overheads to setup a store front or get stuck with inventory holdings. You do not even need a product of your own to start a business.

The greatest challenge of the internet is due to its sheer size. With more than one billion people it is very difficult to stand out. Search engines have their own profit and technical challenges to be totally unbiased and fair. Pay-per-click services skew search engine results in favor of those with big bucks. Security is the second biggest challenge that prevents people from carrying out transactions over the internet. There are limited laws to safeguard against international fraud cases. The technical nature of internet technologies is the third biggest challenge. Not everybody can quickly understand domain names, HTML,  PHP, SQL, XML, web hosting and how it all comes together.

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131 Responses to “Humans and the Internet – Art of Making Money”

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