Art of Making Money Online

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Art of Curiosity and Making Money Online

Posted on | August 17, 2010 | 76 Comments

Curiosity and Making Money Online

Human beings have  a  unique  and characteristic sense of imagination. It is this keen sense of imagination that helps conjecture the numerous possibilities and outcomes of any given situation. So powerful is this sense of imagination that it works wonders on our behavior.

Have you ever experience the situation where you are told half  the story and cannot wait to find out about the rest. This is the main reason why most drama serials end on a suspense note. In this way, they can almost guarantee that you will return next day to watch the next episode.

The human curiosity is so strong that you can almost be sure that they will come back for more.  The trick is not to bare all your facts or services all at once.  That will take away the fun and suspense. The aim is to feed them with sufficient information to excite them but not enough to satisfy them fully. There is fine balance and the challenge  is to find out what they are looking for and not what you want to give.

So for any product you offer make sure that you deliberately leave about a third of the information out in your initial sales message. For example if you are giving a free eBook, do not provide the full content that matches the title of the book. Leave enough room in their imagination that they will potentially be getting an extraordinary gift. Create some suspense and mystery behind what they are about to receive by signing up.  Better still, include an additional giveaway that is not elaborated on.

This techniques has worked in tie-in sales, TV drama serials and almost anywhere else that is has been applied to.

So start killing the  curious cat with your latest sales pitch and make sure that there is an element of suspense, mystery, time limit and thrill.  The time limit of the offer is important as it puts the pressure on the individual to make a decision soon. Always also remember to under promise but over deliver. Try a few techniques and see what works for you.  You could also use reverse psychology by saying to the effect that the free gift is only for those who are beginners and not for experts.  However make sure that the material is worthy of experts as well. You can be assured that some people will not only sign up but also comeback for more good stuff.

So try out and find out what works with the different client bases that you may have. Let me know if it works for you.

For your curious information, I have left behind useful materials with almost all of my posts. Most are free and I must say, useful in getting you started immediate to market and offer your own free gifts. So go and start picking the nuggets at all the posts.

The first 20 persons that email to me at gurbachan@ with the heading ‘Send me a Free PLR eBook with Full Rights to Resell’ will be personally sent a copy by me. This offer is only for first 20 emails I receive and ends on 20 Aug 2010.


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76 Responses to “Art of Curiosity and Making Money Online”

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