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Art of Building Mailing Lists for Free

Posted on | July 3, 2010 | 231 Comments

Mailing List and Making Money

Ask any internet marketer and he will tell you that the money is in the targeted mailing list. It is their most valuable and personal asset that they will not be willing to share unless you have a very good product that will benefit them and their clients.

How to Develop a Free Targeted Mailing List

Write or Acquire Ebooks

Firstly you must write or acquire ebooks with Private Labels Rights. Writing ebooks is not difficult and I will share that knowledge another day. There are many sites that offer free membership so as to gain access to their collection of Private Label Rights.


Encrypt these books with a free software with a code to open the ebook. There are copies of free encryption software on the internet. In the encryption software, key- in your free email account (yahoo or google) and the URL where the encrypted book can be downloaded from.


Set the free email account on an autoresponder mode where the code is automatically send to anyone who download the encrypted ebook.

Upload to website

Upload the encrypted ebook to a free web hosting site. This URL should be the same you keyed-in  earlier into the encryption software.

Advertise with for Free

Register with and advertise the Free Offer. Make sure you use strong keywords that will give you high rankings on google search.

Draft a simple Thankyou.html page on your free Hosting Website. This will allow you to make your very first upsell of any affiliate or your own products.

Mailing List

The email your autoresponder receive will be part of your mailing list. When you start making some money from this list, you should consider taking up Aweber autoresponder service that can scale up your list building.

Try this and see if it works for  you. Be patient.

To get you started I am going to give you a free basic PLR book with a sales page all done up. It will need substantial work before you even try to market it. In return my only request is you sign up for my newsletter and regulars tips on how to make money online.


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231 Responses to “Art of Building Mailing Lists for Free”

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