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Step 1 to Making Money Online

Posted on | August 23, 2010 | 69 Comments

Jot down what you want to achieve at the end of your six month effort. Example ;earn your first $1000 0r $10,000 on the internet’. I want to be known for…… I want to help people …….

Jot down at least 5 things that you are interested in. Example I am interested in rare coins, rap music, football strategy. Try to be as specific as possible.

Jot down at least 5 skills that you think you possess. Example web design, writing, making management presentations, diplomacy, writing music, playing guitar etc. Be as specific as possible. Even if you don’t have any skill, it is perfectly alright at this stage. You will soon discover your talent.

Jot down what spontaneously excite you the most  in the past but which you are clearly not interested in.

At this stage be liberal with your list and don’t be too worried that there are too many areas or diverse areas. It need not make sense at this stage. Often we are interested in things that we know little about but feel that it will be good for us. When we get into the details we are likely to change our mind or it could be an area that not many people may not be interested in or willing to pay for it.

Those areas are not useless and nothing should be discarded outright at this stage. You just need to prioritize according to you end goal. The area that is not paying today, may boom tommorow. So if you have a lot of time you can even start in all areas.

Now take the most important step.  Copy your list and place it everywhere you spend your time. Place a typed version on your desktop wall paper.

Reflect and keep changing the list for a few weeks. Sleep on the ideas. Conceptualize the end state. Jot down some elaboration of each idea. Continue to get more and more specific.

Don’t eliminate anything.

Now create a word document with a table. In the first column type in the areas above that interest and excite you . Now do a yahoo, google or bing search in each area. Review the top 5 hits in your view  and cut and past the html link  to those sites in column 2 and a short description in column 3.

Don’t get disheartened  that you idea or area of interest has already been done by someone else.  Chances are it has been. The trick is to create  your own unique twist ti it and this will be done later. Instead you should be happy that there is something already available to adapt from and it will in fact save you a lot of time.

You now have a list that captures your end objective in areas that you are roughly interested or excited in. You also have a  more realistic idea of the specific areas you are interested in rather then a perceived passion. After reviewing the web content you should feel free to adjust your priorities and number then accordingly. Also you may put into a  remark column  your hunch on how you could narrow down the area more specifically

Pat yourself on the back. You have completed the most difficult Step 1. Many quit way before they reach this stage.

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69 Responses to “Step 1 to Making Money Online”

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