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The Art of Identifying Niches

This section will help you identify niches.The aim is to focus your effort, target your market and stand out amongst the millions of websites and ideas.

The science of identifying niches is to do keywords/adwords searches even before you decide on website name. The niche need not be the most popular word that people are searching for and of course not the least. The trade off is between facing stiff competition and the effort required to be on the first page of search engines results. This is not always true and here is where the art of selecting niches come into play.

Technically you should be able to find a niche in anything and everything and yes, even in the most competitive market. The only limit is one that is created by ourselves within our own minds. There is no limit in the creative genius of the human mind. What is required is a strong passion and the determination to see through ones dreams or the project. When the going gets tough it the tough that get going.  The magic of the art of selecting a niche is where you literally create a whole new market, industry or keyword.

While the art of selecting a niche should always be pursued, we need to practical in the real world. If you are here to follow up on a hobby, then you should focus on the art. However as most of you are here to start earning a living, you will need to initially focus on the science of selecting a niche.

You can start by listening to your heart and really sense what you are passion about and what are your unique skill sets. This will usually take many weeks and getting feedback from close friends and relatives.  You will be pleasantly surprise how different your own perceptions will be vis a vis those of friends and relatives. Do a simple tally on the most common skill sets mention and those are most likely you greatest strengths.

Having match your passion and skill set to a broad area of interest and talent, you now need to narrow down to specific and very focused aspect of the niche.  You will at least need to drill to between 4 to up to 10 levels to be on the safe side. As an example Golf>Coaching>Advanced>Drives>3 Wood Drives.

Having identified the focus, you are ready to apply the science of keyword and adword search. What you are looking for are searches specific on 3 wood drives that people are talking about and spending money on. Your outcome must be at least 10 targeted keywords of 3 or more words that have between 50 to 200K searches. If you have a unique technique or solution that you feel you will be able to sell, then the searches could be lower. From the adword you will get a sense whether people are indeed spending money on this niche.

In the specific area you identified that now have the market interest, you now need to be a expert/master and also need to have a unique selling point in terms of price, ease, resume, testimonials, or feats that are awesome like driving shots further and more accurately then the main driver. This is the art part of your niche that you need to build. You need to eat, sleep, talk and live in your niche.


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