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Build Your Autoblogging Empire With Ease

Many avid bloggers who have been blogging for years have realized that auto blogging isn’t as easy as it used to be. A couple of years ago one would get a blog up and running in about twenty minutes, put it out on the internet with content automatically being fed into it, and then just wait for the sales to start rolling in

Autoblogging – Blackhat?

Autoblogging is not a blackhat technique. Some might get a little confused with this because they think that autoblogging is the same as splogs. This is not true

Auto Blogging

Auto blogging is a term we use for automatically creating content for blogs as opposed to manually writing every post. These programs can pull content from RSS feeds, other blogs, and even articles and turn it into a new post and/or excerpt for your blog. It will include a link for the original source as well.

Autoblogging – A Hybrid Approach

While the majority of my sites are autoblogs, I have noticed something recently. I have a few sites with a good amount of original content, in the form of articles that I wrote myself, and some with a mixture of my own content and content from the UAW plugin. I’ll be honest; these sites with some original content do out perform my straight autoblogs in terms of income.


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