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Autoblogging – A Hybrid Approach

While the majority of my sites are autoblogs, I have noticed something recently. I have a few sites with a good amount of original content, in the form of articles that I wrote myself, and some with a mixture of my own content and content from the UAW plugin. I’ll be honest; these sites with some original content do out perform my straight autoblogs in terms of income.

7 Autoblogging Tips for Success

Updating a lot of blogs with new content all the time, especially if there is a lot of different information can take a lot of time. From researching, to writing and then posting – if you want the content to be completely original. This can be most challenging when you are first starting out and you don’t have any spare money to splash out for writers

Auto Blog Samurai Software Review – Why Is It So Great?

Since auto blogging is becoming so popular, it’s time look into an Auto Blog Samurai Software Review to make sure you get good quality software for creating blogs. Auto blogging is all the rage because you can set up many blogs quickly and easily, but populating them with quality content is what stops most marketers short when they’re trying to produce lots of money sites quickly.


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