Art of Making Money Online

Genius of Human Mind and Murmurs of the Human Heart

Art of Web Traffic and Making Money Online

Art of Web Traffic and Making Money Online Google is slapping, Twitter is tweaking and many are going out of business overnight. So read this post very thoroughly. It is unfortunate that  we have a monopoly of web traffic vested in one big player – Google.  We the consumers are to be blamed. We have […]

Beat Google, Get Massive Traffic and Make Money Online

I recently came across a website that was more engaging and I think better able to present what I have been trying to cover in some of my posts. It is about beating google and getting massive traffic. While much of his ideas are broadly the similar to those I presented, he simply does a […]

Step by Step 3c to Making Money Online ( – self hosting)

Finally managed to make time from my busy schedule to continue with the step by step process for those absolutely new to internet and making money online. Firstly and are largely free for basic purposes. The difference is is hosted on your selected hosting service provider who charges you an annual fee. […]

Why Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing is so critical that I want you to seriously study and use it to find ingenious way of Making Money Online. Humans cannot really keep secrets. As mentioned previously they will hide secrets from their enemy but readily share them with their loved ones, who in turn usually end up sharing the secrets […]


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