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Website Design

After determining your Niche or Niches(always good to start with a few), your second most important task is to design the website.

This the most artistic part of the Art of Making Money Online and I myself will not be able to do justice to this subject.

However there are certain fundamental principles we can extract from human behaviors. First and foremost that we can learn from Google is to keep it simple and focused. It is very painful to keep things simple but that is what humans like most. They are already bombarded with unlimited information and forms filling and they are pleading to make their life simpler for them. Your selling point and focus on the first look must be razor sharp for them to take action or lose them forever.

The first impression is only about 3 secs. All your effort in terms of color, font size, choice of words, price (or free) must focus on people taking some action or click on something in the first 3 seconds. Organize your page titles,categories, offers and interactive tools carefully on your first 800 by 600 pixels. However once they stay beyond the 5 seconds, you can be assured that they are willing to stay and try out. So make sure you have at least 3 attention grabbing and quick clicking points on your first screen. Free ebook or ereport, relevant and catchy phrase, testimonials, contest and prizes etc.

People are also very very impatient when it comes to finding what they want on the internet. They want everything to work fast and want exactly they want. They are also somewhat impulsive ( which is good) and the more your descriptive words match their needs the better your chances. There need to a systemic flow of information to the generals catchy features to details followed by a quick summary and suggestion to take action now.

People do not like hard-selling, so you need to make sure that you have multiple and subtle sign up boxes or carting options both near the top and also near the bottom.

The internet has a wide cross section and variety of people and they are often attracted for different reasons. You website needs to be highly monetized by all possible income sources. So besides google adsense, you need to have ebay, amazon and any other related promotions that are carefully placed.

Needs to say that every page should be designed to monetize or get sign ups.

More on this topic later….


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