Art of Making Money Online

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Art of Monetizing

Once you have picked the niche, created the website and automated most of the processes, the time has come for you to get all that investment to make money for you.

There are literally thousands of way to make money online. The most famous and lucrative way to earn from the internet is to earn residual income for the rest of your lives. The promise of a lifetime of returns is the main reason why people continue to turn to the internet. Many people will be happy to earn $200 per day for the rest of their lives.

My estimate is that to earn $200 a day of residual income you need at least 300 websites or blogs that are highly optimized with adsense, amazon, ebay and ads and which are regularly refreshed. Each website requires at least 20 to 30 webpages/articles/categories in areas that are relatively interesting and focused.  You will need regular organic traffic. One way to overcome the initial hurdle is to establish a good reputation and brand name. The good thing about the internet is genuinely good, unique articles or products tend to get rewarded virally. So start creating your websites and blogs in unique areas that could someday attract a large following.

While you cannot get rich quickly with residual income, you should always start on the premise that one day you will get popular and therefore design your websites with all the advertisement and monetization tools. (Some of the more popular tools are almost automatically added by Adam Ginsberg Speedlings software – almost as you will still need to input you adsense/ebay accounts).

Having taken care of residual income, there are other ways  of earning from the internet. My next most favorite way of making an internet income is by writing or selling a eBook that has been highly optimized to spread virally and that will regularly earn you sign up royalties or commissions from affiliate products you promote. The most lucrative of the eBook are those with with Private Label Rights. With a little bit of work and rehashing you could convert a PLR ebook into a goldmine.

Firstly rewrite the whole book with an article spinner software or sentence re-constructor.  This is to make sure that your eBook has originality and is in your name. You will then need to add one or two more chapters. You could do this through your own research or by combining two PLR ebooks. Make sure you have full PLR rights.

Next step is to judiciously embedded the eBook with relevant and your favorite affiliate links. Do not over do it. If you have chosen the right niche and there is genuine value of know-how in your book, it will ultimately sell. You can publicize it on your own website or launch your book as an affiliate on Clickbank or 1ShoppingCart.

Once you can get regular organic traffic to your website, there are many other ways to make money on the internet and they are summarized as follows:

1. Advertising – set aside the prime location on your website to sell advertisement space e.g. BlogAds, AdVolcano

2. Text Link ads –

3. Direct Sales – 1ShoppingCart,Americart, MonsterCommerce

4. PPC – Kanoodle, Ads-Click, ABC Search

5. Banner Ads – BannerBoxes

6. Affiliate Programs – Commission Junction, ClickBank, Amazon

7. Paid Reviews – ReviewMe, PayPerPost

8. RSS Feed – FeedBurnerAds, PostPostWordPressPlugin, Pheedo, FeedShow


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