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Autoblogging – You Can Do It

Posted on | November 29, 2010 | No Comments

Normally every one thinks that autoblogging is a tough blogging tactics as you have to be concerned about the duplicate content, Google penalty and much more. Is this really true? Whenever I talk to my fellow blogging community members, they say that every one is concerned about the Google duplicate content penalty.

I think the Google duplicate penalty is over hyped and it is being made more complicated than it should be.

Google itself does news collection, blog content collection and provides everything at one place as a service to its readers. So if you do the same through the autoblogging why Google or Bing or Yahoo or any other search engine should penalize you? Think about it.

All the Search Engines penalize when you start spamming which has become a bad side of the auto blogging community. So if you are a good guy and you don’t want to spam, then there is no reason for you to fear about the Google duplicate content penalty.

When it comes to automated blogging, I prefer to use WordPress. In fact I call it automatic blogging for WordPress. WordPress makes it easy for every one due to its flexibility and the types of WordPress Plugins available in the market to automate the blogging process.

Are you seeing the big picture now that you can do automated blogging without any fear? In fact I have talked about this extensively at Ultimate Autoblogging blog where I have shared many auto blogging tips.

Now let’s see how can you do the automatic blogging with WordPress for your website in easy to follow steps:

1. Do the market research to decide the topic for your auto blogging.

2. Once the market is narrowed down to your liking, start focusing on the keywords.

3. Make a list of keywords and then filter it down to a very focused list of keywords for your blog. You should have the primary and secondary keywords decided for your autoblog.

4. There are many WordPress Plugins for the search engine optimization available in the market and the majority of these plugins are available at no cost. You should narrow down your list keeping in mind that you are focused on the WordPress automated blogging.

5. There are many automated blogging software available in the market and you should not start buying every single software. You should research the market and stick to one blog where you can keep getting the recommendation for the auto blogging software and then buy it.

6. Don’t plan to publish more than 2-3 blog posts per day so that it look natural to any Search Engine otherwise you could be part of the spamming community in the eyes of the Search Engine Robots.

As it is difficult to cover all the aspects of the auto blogging here in this article, this is a vast subject and you should educate yourself by visiting the autoblogging websites or blogs and then implement that knowledge over the time to see how you can implement for your blog.

It is a proven fact that you can make money blogging and imagine with the auto blogging, you can make money autoblogging. Remember that you can do it and you should keep telling yourself that when it comes to autoblogging, you can certainly do it.

For more information on autoblogging tips and tactics, you can get it at Ultimate AutoBlogging. If you want to see this in action, you should visit the Make Money Reality Show.

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