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Benefits Of Auto Blogging

Posted on | March 6, 2011 | No Comments

Before we discuss the benefits of auto blogging, it may be worthwhile to understand what auto blogging means. Many understand it to be just auto churned content which is just a rehash of somebody else’s story; or blogs for the lazy and people without anything of their own to say. This may not necessarily be true. As the name suggests, is automatic content creation for a blog. But it is not plagiarized or stolen content. It could be a compilation of content from other sources with a link crediting the source or just ‘quoted content’ that the blog readers may find useful. Let’s look at some of the many reasons that make auto blogging useful:

1. Nobody knows everything on a given subject. When you start a blog on a particular topic, auto blogging can give greater depth, insight as well as newness to your own ideas and views. Readers actually like having an aggregated source for all the information they need on a given topic since it means that they don’t have to check out multiple sources.

2. Auto blogging can often help reiterate or provide concrete evidence to all the things that you have been saying in your own blog. It could be data, facts, figures….etc. that are in line with what you’ve been saying all along and give more credence to your blog. It is also a fact that people’s blogs are based on data that other people have worked on – what better than to cite it on your blog?

3. It also helps augment your blog with fresh, key word rich content that can give a boost to your search engine results. In reality, when you cater to all information requirements of a particular group, you make yourself more relevant and therefore more search engine friendly.

It is important to understand that it is not the same thing as `scraping’ which relies on rewriting other people’s content and palming it off as one’s own. When auto blogging is used correctly, it can add value and give useful information to readers even when the blogger does not add any new content. It is also a fact that people are misusing this concept to add value when they have none to offer. It is a fine line that auto blogging treads and some of the things that auto blogging should not do are as below:

– Take credit for someone else’s hard work, opinion and research.

– Reword someone else’s blog.

– Not have anything of one’s own to offer.

At the end of the day, blogging is about adding value. Whether you auto blog or write yourself, you can measure your success by the number of readers that you attract. So it is in itself is not a crime and very frankly, there is little money to be made out of misusing it. No one is really going to keep reading your blog unless you have something of interest to offer, auto blog or otherwise.

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