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How Auto-Blogging Solves the Major Blogging Problems of the Day

Posted on | March 6, 2011 | No Comments

Auto-blogging is an interesting method of internet marketing, and there are people on either side of the fence of the issue. On the one hand, there are people who feel like auto-blogging is nothing more than a fancy form of spamming. On the other hand, there are plenty of people that argue auto-blogging is a productive way of sharing information about a topic in a regular and reliable manner. Ultimately, auto-blogging was set up to help solve many of the biggest and most common problems that bloggers face these days, making it an effective strategy in the right hands. Here are some of the biggest problems that bloggers face that automatic blogs fix.

The main problem that bloggers face these days is the fact that they just don’t have enough time to find and publish valuable content that is relevant to their niche. This is doubly true for bloggers who produce their own content and write their own articles and posts, or make their own videos.

The internet demands a constant stream of content and updates from a blog, and any blog that isn’t able to keep up with this demand is all but doomed to failure. This demand for content both comes from the search engines (which reward blogs that regularly and reliably update their site with new posts) and readers, who are always looking for something new to read or to learn. The search engines also reward and punish blogs dependent on the amount of different topics that they discuss. It can be hard for even the most well meaning blogger to constantly produce fresh content about new topics, revolving around new keywords, without some technological help.

Most bloggers also just plain have a hard time coming up with new ideas of what they want to blog about. It’s not enough to pick a big niche, you also need to be able to figure out what all of the different sub-topics related to your blog are and how you’re going to write about them. Finding interesting and demanded subjects to write about can take a lot of time, even before you go ahead and write the posts.

Finally, bloggers often have a hard time marketing their blog and their posts. While there are lots of bloggers who enjoy writing, there are pretty much no bloggers that enjoy going through the work necessary to actually get traffic to their site. Ranking well in the search engine takes a lot of work, and spreading your link around can take longer than it took you to write the post!

Auto-blogging fixes all of these problems. Automatic blogs search the internet and find high quality content for your blog on their own. They find content that is related to, and branches off slightly from, your blog’s niche, giving you a wide variety of material on your site. Finally, an auto-blog is going to be set up to automatically promote your hands-free posts as soon as they go up, meaning that you don’t have to spend any time or effort promoting them. After you make one and set it up, you don’t need to touch it again for the rest of the site’s life!

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