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The Science of Making Money

Posted on | July 19, 2010 | 177 Comments

Trump Entrepreneurship Initiative

I attended a seminar at Copley Hotel in Boston, where Adam Ginsberg sold one of his latest product released Feb 2010.

The product called Speedlings was indeed most impressive. It practically takes out all the hardwork of keyword/niche search, website building and passive monetization of adding adsense, amazon, ebay, shopping etc. The site comes alive after a record 3 minutes but based on a conservative  and cautious estimate it will start earning regular passive income only after an estimate of about 60 to 90 days. I was also  surprised why a site produced after 3 minutes should take that long.

Besides abiding to traffic policies of the ‘gaint’ Google, I think it more of a under promise and over delivery marketing  strategy. For a successful person, I was indeed glad to find that Adam Ginsberg was a down to earth person, although somewhat impersonal typical of entrpreneurs who are cautious and wearywe may be trying to squeeze out some bargains from him.


I did however get an opportunity to ask him to help Haiti – where despite $1 billion from Americans, the country still remains a tragedy. I have since vouched that I will never donate to large corporations like Red Cross and UNICEF. With no  implied attribution them, I have seen large organizations tend to have  layers and layers of senior expensive staff  but  are simply not as fast to respond then smaller flexible organizations –  I know this firsthand as I was on the ground since Day 4 of earthquake. I wonder how much of the estimated $300M collected by Red cross has in fact been disbursed to Haitians up to today.

Science of Making Money

Anyway, in my humble opinion Adam has literally designed the science of making passive income online and even providing for the potential flipping of successful sites and fetching higher prices.

While there is some basic customization of backgrounds, he claims that no one gives away source codes  of copyrighted products and therefore there cannot be any major customization of the websites designed.  This to me a marketing drawback for those who want the design for passive income but also want the sites for different purposes like membership sites, small businesses, advertising and other core interactive services etc.

On the balance, I ultimately purchased the product as it met my immediate requirements of a basic foundation of a passive flow of income and I also can trust that Adam will deliver. He is so confident that he offered (at this forum only)  a double money back guarantee after a year if things don’t work out.

I however felt that it was a waste that such a well designed product should cater to such a narrow market. With some tweaking  the product could easily be sold to small business and customer service/maintenance reap continuous incomes for many more year and for many more organizations. It has the potential of being the ‘microsoft’ of optimized website building.

Will keep you posted on the performance once I get to play with this toy. Cannot wait to get my hands on it.


Attached please find two books that you can buy to better automate and monetize your website. At a minimum you should have adsense, amazon, ebay, and affiliates carefully placed repeatedly on your website.

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