Art of Making Money Online

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Art of Giving and Making Money Online

Posted on | August 12, 2010 | 177 Comments

This is an age old marketing technique and will never go out of fashion.

Traditionally traders presented gifts to rulers to subsequently secure rights to trade or buy precious commodities from one place only to sell it for higher profits somewhere else.

The market information was imperfect and therefore traders could make huge profits.

In modern time it is not uncommon to offer related or popular free qifts to entice people to buy more expensive items. Human beings simply love to receive free gifts. It give them a sense of comfort that they have secured a good deal. This is despite the fact that the cost of the free gift has been included in the sales price.

On the internet it is not uncommon to offer all kinds of free gifts. While some may ask for an email address in return, the more successful entrepreneurs understand that humans will really appreciate and never forget anyone who gives away a valuable gift for free. You can be assured that they will tell their friends about the good deal and on the whole, you stand to gain much much more by building a long lasting and virally multiplying network.

Of course you need not give away everything you have but make sure that you do not sell anything which is of poor quality or inadequate in any way. On the other hand you must be mind full that a satisfied customer will be willing to pay much more for the next product he is expected to buy from you. The art of giving is therefore is to give away a free gift that is of very  high quality. Once you have got your clients coming for more, you can afford to charge a higher premium that any of your competitors.

Once a highly satisfied customer buys from you, you can be rest assured that he will rarely look elsewhere for a better price. It is both an issue of not forgetting a good deed/deal and also the commitment of that good deed into their re-callable memory – humans are not very good at remembering information that did not leave an impression.

If you recollect at your work place, the impact of the a first impression can make for a lasting relationship and building of trust with your boss. On the other hand a poor first impression could could resign you to a life time of hard work and lack of recognition or distrust.

So start working on your very first product that is of very high quality and give it away freely. Trust me on this.

So I am going to give you a light quality MRR ebook. I earn nothing from it and all the affiliate links are those of the author.  While the author may make some residual income, I am giving it away for 100%  free and for a limited period. If you like it, you may sign up for my newsletter or establish a backlink from your website to my website.

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177 Responses to “Art of Giving and Making Money Online”

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