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Step 3a of Making Money Online (Free Blogger)

Posted on | August 29, 2010 | 120 Comments

If you recall at the end of Step 2 I asked you to quickly setup a website and type in your information.

I know that for a vast majority of you, this a really daunting and scary task and you rather drop off here. It is the most important step for you to succeed online.  So here I am going to lead you by the hand and for the free blogger version. The only limitation for the free blogger website is your limits on monetization as spell out by blogger and wordpress.

Step A

If you do not have a gmail account then go to and open a free a ccount. It will become very useful as you move on with internet business. Take note of your username and password as it will be required in the next step.

Open a new browser window delete what ever you see in address starting with http://www….. and paste the following:

In the sign up boxes at the top right hand corner you key in your new gmail email address and then the password.

You will see a screen with your email and address and asking you for another name that will appear on the blog. You could use your real name or a nickname. Your real name is always better for building relationships. Then tick on the agreement box and click continue.

Google could ask you to verify through handphone sms whether you are the same person with these google accounts. Just key in your handphone number and click continue and then check the sms for a 6 digit code and key it in the verification box provided and click continue.

Step B –  Name the Blog

You will now come to a screen to name the blog. This is important. Bring your exercise sheet (as done in Step 2 of making money online – if you are new here then complete step 2 first)done earlier and key in exactly the product or services (eg. Art of Web Traffic) title in blog title column. In the blog address (URL) column key in the same title but without spaces (artofwebtraffic). If the blog address (URL) is taken up you will get some warning from blogger. Don’t panic. Simply key in the same title with dashes in between(eg. art-of-web-traffic). Don’t worry as search engine do not recognize dashes.

Step C – Select Template

Simple chose the picture window template and press continue. I do not want to waste time here and picture window is nice. You can also change it later under the heading called design.

Congrats your blog has been created!!!

Step D – Start Blogging

Press Start Blogging. You will now quickly create at least 10 posts. Your very first post will again use the blog title(eg Art of Web Traffic).

Cut and paste your entire introduction from step 2 into this blog body space. If you haven’t written the introduction yet, then simple use your conclusion, cut and paste it here and move on.

Click publish and you have created your very first web post.

Step E –  Creat a New Post

Now create a post each for the various body sub-headings you did in Step 2 of making money and press publish. If you have the content for each post then simple cut and paste it into the body portion. If not,  don’t worry, the title itself is a great achievement. You can now daily come back to this blog (sign in with the same google email account) and start editing your pages and saving them until they are complete. You should have at least 10 sub headings and therefore correspondingly 10 web posts.

Step F – Monetize your Blog

Press Monetize

Add your adsense account (Create one separately if you don’t have one – I will show you how to create an adsense account step by step in a future post)

Add your amazon associate if you have one. (I will show you how to create this in a future post)

You are all ready to start blogging and potentially start earning when people visit your website and click on your google advertisements which will automatically be generated.

Will you earn money immediately? Highly unlike unless your blog is first page of google and if the google ads are well positioned and also if the colors closely match your text so as to confuse your visitors.

Sign up for the Free Gift Below:


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120 Responses to “Step 3a of Making Money Online (Free Blogger)”

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