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Content/Web Traffic and Making Money Online – Quick Tips

Posted on | September 3, 2010 | 132 Comments

Content/Web Traffic

I thought it will be prudent to share some of my experiences with this website so that you can have a jump start to your own effort to make money online.

Firstly, I think content has been the most important reason for an increase in yahoo, Bing and google ranking for this website. (Page 1 on yahoo and Bing for website name and Page 4 on google for ‘Art of Making Money’). You need to churn out original and honest content that connects with your readers at a deeper level so that they comeback for more. You need to make sure that you blog at least once every two days. It does not appears so but, I think it is also important for your website title to be the same as your domain name. For those who cannot write fast and well, you need article spinners and I think little known wordflood would be helpful. Having backlinks is I think an important area, and therefore you should post modified articles to ezine and a few others sites like technorati. You need to actively seek reciprocal links and dedicated a page for backlinks.

Interactivity cannot be over emphasized. Your blog is as good as the visitors it draw to the website. Practice the art of giving and the world will advertise for you through word of mouth. I had some fair share of some glitches with nofollow and RSS feeds but have since rewarded readers with dofollow and corrected the RSS feed problems (thanks to feedback from readers). There must be something for your readers to connect with you. They also want to advertise and so long as there is no porn(you need to check their websites advertised) you should be liberal in approving. There will always be spam and learn to live with it.

On social media, I am using Onlywire. It is tedious to setup the accounts with so many social media sites but once you are done, it is fairly autopilot. You have to occasionally check that you do not mess up with the rules of the social media sites in terms of posting and whether you have followings.

Using wordpress or google blogger are in mind the two most versatile tools to get going with setting up websites. For new comers I strongly recommend only this route as buying web designing software or relying host website software actually set be back 3 years of hard work and no progress. I am using the Atapualpa theme and you should also check suffusion. There is also Genesis where you need to pay for it. Atapualpa does not integrate as well with buddypress as suffusion and that is disappointing.

You need to learn html codes or at least how to embedded them in web pages. Once you plan to sell PLR products you need to setup payment systems, squeeze pages, thank you pages and optin forms. All these requires html knowledge and it is costly to pay for such services. For the long run learn it yourself. It is tough but rewarding.

Got to go. Standby for more quick tips.

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132 Responses to “Content/Web Traffic and Making Money Online – Quick Tips”

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