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Automation is the key for any thriving business online.

The term automation plainly stands for “don’t do anything repetitive that can be performed on “auto-pilot”. And trust me when I tell you, you can automate numerous aspects of your business real easy.

The key to automation embodies getting the correct software package  to do the task. Regrettably, virtually all programs out on the market that do these effectively are rather pricy. I personally advocate setting up an account with AWeber Communications. For $19.95 a month you need this system working for you to be successful! Plus… they do have their 30 DAY RISK FREE TRIAL!

Don’t right away go to their website and establish an account. WAIT! Get all your solutions in a row first. Once you feel you’re ready to open the flood gate, that’s the time to get setup. This way you’ll have your 30 day RISK FREE period to test drive their system.

Now, onto the automation process…. There are so a lot of aspects of your business that need to be automated. For instance, your subscription “Sign Up” form. This can be setup to automatically send a “Thank You for Subscribing” email to your new prospects without you ever lifting a finger.

What a great place to also place a subtle BACK DOOR AD. What about your newsletter subscription? This can be automatized as well!

Their system will automatically add and remove subscribers, and follow through with them at preset intervals you set to stay in touch. How about customer service? You can setup a variety of email addresses in their system and the system will automatically email a prompt response if an inquiry is sent to that email address.

So how can you use this to your advantage? Why not setup various email address for the following: — FAQ’s — FREE Reports — Product Lists — Pricelists — An OFFLINE SALE CATALOG. You can have a special sales catalog that is only available through email! Now, you have a prospects email address and you can follow up with them through the AWeber System AUTOMATICALLY without ever lifting a finger.

Their system will even mail the attachment for you. — Complaint Desk – We all know that we can’t please 100% of our customers, 100% of the time. Clients like to know there’s a way to contact the owner direct and voice their complaint. You could setup an e-mail address for yourself in person, and draft a prewritten email letting an discontented customer know that you’re personally checking into their problem. They, in turn, receive an immediate response to their complaint, and you have some time to then look into the issue and follow up with them either via email or phone. I assure you this discontented customer will be a lot MORE fulfilled with that kinda TOP Class Service!


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