Art of Making Money Online

Genius of Human Mind and Murmurs of the Human Heart

Step 2 – Making Money Online

The stage is set to take some action. Pick the top priority area you drafted in Step 1. Don’t think too much or procrastinate at this step or you will never do anything. ; Quickly make an outline of your idea. The essential ingredients are as follows: Title – Very important to give a unique […]

Step 4a Monetization Part 1 – Adsense Analysis and Making Money

This is perhaps the most time consuming part of making money. The Art of Adsense monetization is to think like the visitor and try to read his mind for each and every page or post you create. The generic adsense tools are not effective as they either do not fit in perfectly with the layout […]

Step by Step 3c to Making Money Online ( – self hosting)

Finally managed to make time from my busy schedule to continue with the step by step process for those absolutely new to internet and making money online. Firstly and are largely free for basic purposes. The difference is is hosted on your selected hosting service provider who charges you an annual fee. […]

Step 3b To Making Money Online (Free WordPress Version)

I forgot to mention that besides being given preference by search engines blogs are easier to create using blogging software. There are many templates to chose from and thousands of plugins are designed by some webmasters to make your life of managing blogsites much easier. My personal bias is for wordpress because the software (though slightly a […]

Step 3a of Making Money Online (Free Blogger)

If you recall at the end of Step 2 I asked you to quickly setup a website and type in your information. I know that for a vast majority of you, this a really daunting and scary task and you rather drop off here. It is the most important step for you to succeed online. […]

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