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Everything or Anything Can Have Niche

Yes, Everything Can Have a Niche

I am taking the risk of going against most internet gurus who insist that your niche must have a reasonably large but not too large number of people searching and paying for it. My question is whether microsoft, google, facebook, yahoo, squiddoo   were ever search-able niches. The answer is clear a No. Their names by themselves had no logical means. They were simply creations of inventors who went on to make millions.

What is a niche? A unique selling/talking/interacting/distributing/looking/tasting/differing/smelling/utilizing/valuing point.  So it can literally be anything that grabs the attention of the viewer, buyer or listener and where they are willing to give their emails or pay to receive it.

If people can sell specially designed numbers for houses, you can basically sell anything. Some people simply want something that is novel, artistic or different. To others, the art may have no meaning whatsoever.  The internet really provides humans the best chances to use their creative juices to create literally anything and potentially make money from it. It provides both the tools and  visibility unparalleled in history. The options are limitless and we simple have to open the windows of our minds.


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